Saturday, May 7, 2011

Anak emak

I am an anak emak. From Standard 1 until Form 3, I always dengan emak. Since my mother is a cikgu, after class, I always ambush her office to feel the air-cond. Even my brother do that too. A lot of times being scolded for interrupting in the office, yet I am stubborn.

Then, during Form 1, I still stick to my mother. Go to school together, eat lunch together, going to pasar malam together. I am not even jealous when my friends going to pasar malam with their so-called hot chicks. I prefer strolling together with my mother, helping her carrying the basket and choosing what to eat that day.

When i want to go out, I will ask my mother's permission. If she say no, I will not go. No rebels or anything. Because I know, she want the best for me. The truth is, following her advices adalah suatu benda yang dirindui.

Sekarang, bila dah masuk U, bila kol mak, I always listen to her. Mak selalu cerita pasal macam macam dan I just smile because long time not hear mak bercerita. 

Right now, if people ask me,' macamana kau boleh terima kena panggil anak emak time zaman sekolah menengah dulu?' I wil answer :
'I am anak emak. Im proud of it. 

Thank you Mak. You always be in my heart. Your neighbours in my heart are Ayah and siblings and future wife. hehe. Boleh kan? :3

Sayang mak <3

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